VITILIGO OIL pledges to provide you a special Vitiligo skin disorder treatment with natural ingredients – Vitiligo Oil. Our product is prepared with 100% natural herbal ingredients. Vitiligo oil treatment by is famous across the globe with its highest success rate in treating vitiligo skin disorder. has manufactured finest quality herbal oil for vitiligo patients of all age groups. We take extra care in production of our anti-vitiligo oil to prepare a refined and premium quality oil treatment for our valued customers. The manufacturing process meets all the criteria of Good Manufacturing Practices. brings you the most effective herbal treatment for vitiligo skin disorder. Our finest quality vitiligo oil provides complete vitiligo re-pigmentation treating all white, pink or any other type of vitiligo offers an affordable and guaranteed vitiligo cure with its vitiligo oil. This complete herbal vitiligo solution shows visible results within first 2 months of treatment. With the regular application of our anti-vitiligo oil, re-pigmentation is permanent. provides you an ideal and rewarding solution for Vitiligo re-pigmentation. Anti-Vitiligo Oil is a simple to use herbal product without any side effects.

Anti-VITILIGO OIL – A Pure Herbal Oil Treatment By's Anti-Vitiligo Oil is pure herbal oil. It is free from any kind of chemical ingredients. Our Anti-Vitiligo Oil is based on 100% natural herbal ingredients which makes it a safe treatment with no side effects.

The Anti- Vitiligo Oil treatment by is being used all over the world and has the highest success rate. All the ingredients of our Vitiligo Oil are purely of herbal origin. Vitiligo Oil is famous across the globe on the basis of its 100% risk free herbal ingredients.

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Free From Chemicals
  • 100% Herbal Ingredients

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS brings you a simple and easy to use product – Anti-Vitiligo Oil. For desired results follow these simple application instructions

  • Wash and clean the affected area.
  • Dry the effected part properly.
  • Apply the oil on the part to be treated.
  • Gently massage the oil over the effected part using your finger tips.
  • Leave it for 10-12 hours daily.


In addition to its supreme quality anti-vitiligo oil, provides detailed guideline and instructions to its valued customers about using Vitiligo Oil. with its expert team of skin specialists has formulated a list of common practices that need to be adopted on regular basis in order to obtain maximum re-pigmentation from our Vitiligo Oil. Keep in mind following key points to get optimum level results with's Anti-Vitiligo Oil treatment:

  • Vitiligo Oil should be massaged on daily basis.
  • Leave Vitiligo Oil on affected area for 10-12 hours.
  • For desirable results, at-least 2-3 months of continuous use of Vitiligo Oil is recommended.
  • After application of Vitiligo Oil, exposure to sunlight of the affected part is recommended to enhance the tanning effect.


Proper storage can retain the effectiveness and quality of Vitiligo Oil. In order to get the maximum advantage from our product –Anti-Vitiligo Oil, you need to follow some simple storage instructions.

  • Always store oil in a cool place (10-30 degree Celsius)
  • Place it in a dry place.
  • At all times keep it away from sunlight.